Combined Restraint and Drying (Windup) Machine "SG 90 MV Evolution"

The SG90 Evolution is a fully hydraulic machine that is electronically managed and controlled. In fact, it is well known that for optimal leather finishing it would be appropriate to vary the speed of the blade roller, but this operation is not possible for traditional winding, since the number of revolutions is fixed and established at the design stage by the manufacturer.

The SG90 Evolution uses an inverter device that allows the operator to continuously vary the number of revolutions of the blade roller, adapting it to the type of leather being processed and the finishing needs required.

Two separate hydraulic circuits, pressure and rotation, are managed and controlled by proportional solenoid valves coordinated by PLC.

Any change in the working parameters of the machine is managed by Control Panel.

In addition, the operator has the ability to recall the set parameters whenever he or she wishes, so he or she has the ability to program and set different work profiles and recall them as needed.

The working parameters that can be varied are:

  • Blade roller speed
  • Extraction roller speed
  • Roller pressure
  • Blade pressure
  • Blade thickness
  • Blades roller shading
Combined machine to retain and dry (put to wind)

This machines is used to remove as much water as possible from the leather, to enlarge and flatten it before it is sent to the vacuum machine for final drying.

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