"MVL/RC" Lightweight Hot Roller Resurfacing Machine

Leveling machine indicated for sheep and calf skins.

It is produced with two different working lights: 1,600 to 1,800 mm.

The extractor rollers are driven directly by hydraulic motors applied in line with the rollers.

Extraction speed from 0 to 30m/min

The mirror chrome-plated top roller is oil heated by a separate control unit.

Pressure of extractor rollers and blade roller adjustable.

Motorized blade register and thickness reported on the display.

Opening and closing with linear hydraulic cylinder.

Spreader roll with hydraulic cylinders is driven by a hydraulic motor.

Blade cylinder driven by electric motor with inverter.

A PLC version is available upon request.


The Hot Roller Dress ing Machine is a feltless Windmill with a chrome-plated, heated top roller. It is used to flatten the leather, give shine to the grain side of the leather, and remove the felt imprint of the windage, for those leathers that are greased.

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